Minutes of the November 2001

                                                Meeting of the



Present                                                                                               Absent


J Edwards                                                                                            Tommy

N Lattimer                                                                                            N Kembery

I Narracott                                                                                           C Hopes

P Rowley

K Zetter

D Brown

A Crickmore

R Crisp

A Buck


As you can see due to a strong leadership this year all regular members are now attending the monthly meeting.

Any would be Chairmen please take note.

The odd threat of a fine does work, long live Brian Crisp


Sportsman Of the Year Award


To be awarded next meeting.


Surfing Cornwall


All but Alan attending, meeting at Keithís @ 3:00 for the early car. Richard & Andy meeting later.  The early car will be in the pub by 6:00 to enjoy a few pints.

Brian meeting us down there.


Old Tart In Ross On Wye


Date to be confirmed, early next year


Black Pig


Starting to take effect, meeting becomes a blur




I think Alan said it had all been ordered and will have it delivered for the next meeting.  Also I believe he mentioned that the crotch had rotted out of his knickers.




All members to surf the web for a cheap package and report back next meeting.

Feb 8th provisionally agreed for the activity.


NYE Party


Full review next meeting, ticket sales positive.


2002 AGM


It was agreed that a trip to Wales was the order of the day.

Date to be confirmed next meeting.

Ian mentioned he had bought the old school house for 500 quid.


Extra Special Meeting


The Swan as usual followed by a curry at the Ruislip Tandoori.  Not risking the party this year.




Paddy needs music, hasnít anything released in the last 10 years, due to not having any work.  Please bring your modern hits for him to burn to MP3.


Next Meeting


Sunday 2nd December 8:30 pm prompt


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