1st Apr 01


JJ Moons, Ickenham



Attendance: Dave Brown Non Appearance: Ian Narracott - ill

Alan Buck                                                                 Andy Crickmore

Richard Crisp
John Edwards
Neil Lattimer

Paddy Rowley

Keith Zetter



Meeting opened Sometime

Minutes of Last meeting

These seemed to be true and correct, although members felt they were a touch verbose. Is Mr Rowley selling advertising space? If so where are the proceeds?



Much discussion on what constituted a suitable craft to transport Fatmen on one of their usual adventures. The proposed vessel proved to be too lightweight. Mr lattimer will investigate the hiring of a super tanker with a budget of £70 per waist. Those committed to the high Seas: -







Richard will be visiting Anne Robinson’s favorite place to watch Arsenal win the FA cup. We need a response from our two missing members.


Again a seeming lack of canoes to accommodate the larger girth, resulting in us having to hire one.


Brian will book this so it should take place. He will also arrange tuition – as if we need it!



The annual Darts tournament will be staged at the next meeting. Unfortunately the date was left blank or was it the minute takers mind? The usual first Sunday falls on May bank holiday weekend. Is this OK for the majority? If so I must tender my apologies, as I will be in sunny Camber sands. If the meeting needs to be moved it will have to be to the previous weekend, as the following one is the activity date.

Date for the Dads and Brat pack camp is the weekend of 23/24 June.

NYE Back With a Bang.

Yes the Party will go ahead in some shape or form. Main ticket sellers to canvas support.

Summer BBQ Yes it will go ahead! Host – yet to be decided – must produce written permission from loved one.

As the meeting Closed John scribbled something onto the copious notes I had taken.


And mumbled something about setting up E-Mails. I presume it all means a new creative, all singing, all dancing Web site.

Meeting Ended when we were thrown out.

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