FMCC Minutes



N Latimer (chairman)

P Rowley (secretary)

A Buck (treasurer)

J Edwards

I Narracott

K Zetter

N Kembery (overseas observer)


D Brown

No comment

A crickmore

R crisp


After the luxury of staying in a pub for the walking activity there was a need to get back to basics and touch base with the soul of the club. The accommodation for the cycling trip is therefore tents. The fact that it is a damn site cheaper is a coincidence. It was established that the nearest pub was 1010 meters away. John has the co-ordinates stored in his trusty GPS. Those scheduled to attend:-

Neil L

Ian N

Keith Z


John E

Alan B

And a chum of Neil Kemberys who thought it sounded quite an adventure and obviously doesn’t know us.

This will be a compulsory Tie event. A stock of golden boys is to be ordered for the occasion.


Neil is trying to pin our man down for a definite date, so far he has been unable to make contact. I suspect , remembering our prowess from the last trip the Captain will want us to enter the Fastnet race and is waiting confirmation of entry.

Paddy expressed doubt of his attendance. John also seemed reluctant to spend 48 hours below decks cooking bacon rolls.

White Water Rafting

Running the rapids of Northampton did not seem to have the usual Fatman air of daring do. It was decided to tackle BALA once again. The infamous stretch of water that forever-changed Mr Dancer’s life and are etched in FMCC lore.


A Game of home and away ensued with home winning by 21 votes to 13 . No doubt there will be a re-match later on. This usually runs and runs.


An inter-member dispute surfaced when Mr Latimer accused Mr Narracott of mischief making on the home front! Apparently Mr Narracott had caused Mr Lattimer a large amount of DIY over and above the normal weekend quota. This flys in the face of FMCC doctrine and must be addressed.


The fact that the web site hasn’t changed since Microsoft launched windows 95 was raised. John tried some lame excuses and then pledged it would be up-dated by the next meeting.


Our esteemed overseas visitor informed us of his correct e-mail address.


Always seeking a bargain the treasurer is exploring every avenue to source good quality cheap clothing. If all else fails we will have to resort to the existing supplier (if they still exist)


Next Meeting 28th April Moons in the Manor………

Yes a trip down memory lane (or Victoria Road)

In Honour of the visit of our overseas member the next meeting is to be followed by a Curry at Ruislip Tandori

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