5th August  2001

                                                                                                        6 Bells, Ruislip


National Geographic Endangered Species Warning,

Definitely Extinct:       Saber tooth Tiger, Dodo, Woolly Mammoth, John

Endangered: Giant panda, English scorpion, Koala Bear

Re-emergence:         FMCC minutes

Status:            Previously believed extinct, but a small pocket of them has appeared in Watford. This precious item is distributed to you all.

Please familiarize yourself with them. As they are bloody useful !!!!

Minutes of the August meeting:

(For those who canít remember that is a summary of topics discussed during the meeting held in the 8th month of the year)

 Location:  6 Bells PH Ruislip

Present in person :(in order of arrival) Richard, Ian, Neil, Keith, Paddy

Present in mobile communication Devon Branch represented by Brian

Yes Latts was early, not last, his appearance on time caused such a shock it caused Mr Narracott to get more beers in !!!

Not present:  Alan ( dodgy e-mail excuse 1 day late ) John  (dodgy e-mail excuse, jumping on the Al buck bandwagon) Dave (apologies received) Andy, Tom and Neil (Iím so used to them turning up that they have to be minuted as absent)

Nothing was discussed, we did not play skittles.

No I was lying

Canoeing the Thames.     September 22nd       Posh Bit to Maidenhead

Pad has arranged it,

We will need volunteers to assist with loading up the craft at the scout hut on the Friday evening.

Saturday start at the Cafť (wonderful idea) at 7.30am

Pad to arrange licenses

Tell Pad if you are going, there is only one extra girth canoe and Iíve bagsy that !!!!

Surfing November 10th / 11th

Big Brov has arranged lessons , he didnít say weather in drinking or surfing.

Pub has new landlords, however the band is still in situ, but they do do a curry. Can I have numbers of those attending please.

Accommodation £90 divided by those attending.

Lessons £16.

AOB (any old bollox)

Richard has a new car

Keith has a very low golf handicap but Lynn has sent him back out to work

Ian provided the initial answers. I believe KZW

Paddyís garage is in the way.

This last item received much attention, so much so that the situation was such

There will be no car rally, however we are going to shorten Paddyís garage !!!

We are

We had to stop the 3 Engineeroís from doing it Sunday night.

A feasibility study has been carried out by the Golf professional easing himself back into work with a low key project assessment and we will shorten Padís garage.

The reason why

Paddy bought a house with a garage in the wrong place, I mean it faces the wrong way for starters !!!

This is a garage facing the right way !!!!! attached to Padís house



And this is Padís house with the garage facing the wrong way.

You see the problem canít open the doors and if he could, heíd just drive straight into the side of the house !!!!

 So Pad wants this sorted and the FMCC will undertake it.

 Mr Lattimer  said short job, knock it out in the morning.

 I am taking bets for the duration of this task

 Under1 hour                                                 500-1

1 hour to 3 hours                                           20/1

3 hours to 5 hours                                           5/1

Over 5 hours                                                  2/1

Chris turning the Rowley garden into a Cambodian Killing field as the project drags into the next millennium           Evans

Mr Rowley is providing beer, this went down well with the non-technical members present.

So some how we have all been talked into moving Padís garage. Pad to arrange times and light refreshment see you there !!!


No skittles, no talk of car rally, no subs paid as Al wasnít their to collect them in person, he even tried to mug me outside a cash point in Ickenham one Saturday. Our cash is in good hands, bad knees but good hands. Next meeting 02 September The Tickenham.

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