August Minutes:-
This was the graveyard meeting, yet the turnout was better than expected:
Ian, Neil, Richard, Pad, Alan, John

Item 1 – Activities
Neil said that the Sailing Activity had gone well. They had attempted to circumnavigate the Isle of Wight clockwise, but got caught in the doldrums.

The upcoming rafting activity is in Mr Brown’s capable hands and as it will now be based from the cottage near Beddgelert, there will be a choice of additional activities such as mountain walking and cycling on forest trails, as well as bladder filling. Our far eastern representative, Tom the Baptist is threatening to join us and I’ll contact Adrian, Nigel, Brian, Kembo and Chris the farmer to see if they can also join in the fun, though Nigel might need ankle braces, if we’re to avoid similar problems to last time.

As Pad confirmed, our Silver Jubilee Celebrations will take place during 2005, when John said he’s been given permission for a four day event. Certainly it will need to be special ... perhaps past members could be contacted and even banned members such as Andy Bilton or Kenny Allen could be exonerated ... to be discussed.

Item 2 – Clothing
Mr Narracott brought a polo shirt sample to the meeting, which felt like a good bit of schmutter. This prompted a discussion on Mr Buck’s apparel ordering shortcomings. As usual, he was evasive when questioned. Mr Rowley said that as of the last order (some years ago now), P&M Embroidery still held our logo on their computer system and were very aware of our organisation, as we’ve been such big players in the past. They may now, not be the best company to use and Mr Narracott’s alternative ‘Shirt Works’ in Oxford may indeed be better. Al to look into it. The number that has so eluded Mr Buck is publicly presented here:-

P&M Embroidery Tel. 01480 411311   Fax: 01480 412839

Item 3 – Chairman gets Tough
The Chairman says that Mr Buck is to face Capital Punishment or even worse if our clothes are not forthcoming. He said he was going to crack down hard on members who haven’t pleased him. Massive fines will be incurred for any errors of judgement or flouting of Fatman policies. The Chairman was in unforgiving mood, though he thought that certain past ‘errors’ should now be forgiven and forgotten ... like when an open pub was overlooked in favour of a ‘nice cup of tea’. Or the time we had to wrestle Mr Crisp off Pisces’ controls so that we could stop and take lunchtime sustenance at a canalside pub! Members murmured discontentedly. Such obvious misdemeanours could never be forgiven!

So the first major fining, that’s been coming for over a year (maybe two) could be for Mr Buck’s repeated withholding of clothes, causing some members (John), to have to wear the most outlandish garments imaginable.

Item 4 – Canoeists Reason Wye Re-Visited
Mr Narra’s is organising a 30th anniversary bash in Ross on Wye with Twiggy and Jeanette. A fun day or weekend of watersports and football are promised.

Item 5 – Car Rally / Rounders / BBQ
To be discussed at the next meeting.

Item 6 – NYE Party or not to party ... that is the question?
To be discussed at the next meeting.

Next Meeting: Sunday 1st September, Tickenham Inn


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