MINUTES OF THE August 2004 

                                        MEETING OF THE



I started writing this update for Neil, but realised it's really like 'minutes' (you know the things we used to have a long time ago) .... so here they are the August Meeting Minutes from The Tich Inn, 1st Aug 2004.

Present: PR, AB, KZ, JE, IN, NK
Apologies: DB (on hols,) NL (under thumb)
To Be Fined for non attendance with no apologies: RC, AC

1) ZAMBIA is back on the original date we'd agreed ie. 22nd April until 1st May, because John deferred the Jury Service to another date. So it's a definite for the diaries. Keith is to confirm flights and prices. Chris Hopes to confirm possible itinerary and dress code etc. A suitable gentlemen's outfitter to be found to cater for our pith helmets etc.

2) CANOEING: Keith can't make it, John might not make it, Alan might go rusty. That leaves Pad, Neil and Ian as definites ... that's 3 + maybe John? Dave & Richard presumably are going? ... so that may be 5 or 6. Can't remember if Brian was coming (probably not). We could establish base camp at the campsite on Friday afternoon (for those that can take the time off). There is a good pub within walking distance. Or start early at the Wonder Cafe as we've done before. Pad is returning from Bang & Olufsen Conference in Barcelona on that Friday afternoon and then working until 3am at The Hospitality Ball, Grosvenor House Hotel, but I will still join the crew first thing on Saturday (there's dedication .... or stupidity).

The boys seemed to baulk at the distances Pad was suggesting, (even though they're not going!), but we will be in superfast vessels and we can always stop if we're fatigued and phone for a taxi to take a driver to collect the trailer at any time, so lets not get hung up on distance.

Talking of trailers, there were questions asked about transporting the vessels ... that they might not fit in the trailer???? I said that Neil will have all the answers and that we really need an Extraordinary Meeting to iron this baby out!

So we've fixed on Wednesday 25th August 8pm The Swan, followed by Ruislip Tandoori.

3) NEW CLOTHING: We agreed to have two types of apparel this time: 1) classy, silver smock style shirts in shimmery latex material with a revised logo stating 25th Year underneath. Pad is going to do the artwork. Alan to do the ordering. 2) Kembo also suggested that we get some World Tour T shirts done as well, listing venues on the back such as:
Livingston, Zambia, Swildon's Hole, Pinner Chalk Mines, Zurich, Switzerland, The Hollies etc etc
Seems like a good idea, so Pad to mock up a T shirt for approval at the next meeting as well.

AOB1: Thanks to John for organising the Gower Weekend and to Keith for giving us reason to ignore his complaints about our snoring keeping him awake on future activities. The website has updated photos featuring the weekend on www.fatmanscavingclub.co.uk

AOB2: We wish Al good luck for his bionic transformation, happening on 11th August, Clementine Churchill Robotic Engineering Manufactory. Couldn't Brian have done it Al? Future activities require that we bring WD40 to get him going in the mornings.

AOB3: Ian says that Adrian can join us for the 100th activity ... Surfing. And Pad wondered if Pete Bilton and Gary Bilbie are coming, or for the Zambia trip?

EXTRAORDINARY MEETING - Wednesday 25th August 8pm The Swan, followed by Ruislip Tandoori

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