Minutes of the FEBRUARY 1ST 2004 Meeting of the FMCC


PRESENT                                                      APOLOGIES

P ROWLEY                                                    K.ZETTER (Bird Flu)

N LATTIMER                                                  


D BROWN                                                      Having A Gap Year

J. EDWARDS                                                  A.CRICKMORE




The meeting started promptly due to Brian having travelled from Devon to knock the club back into shape, after the recent disagreements and squabbling over activities and meeting venues. Late members, shocked at seeing Brian, sheepishly made their way to the table expecting large fines for their lateness. However Brian has mellowed in his old age, even condoning lager drinking. Some members can still recall when even the mention of the ĎLí word could see a member instantly ejaculated from the club. Penalties for lateness were severe but fair, these were the values that made the club what it is today.

Multi-Activity (Dartmoor) 12th March.

This will be a Friday afternoon start to ensure that we are sufficiently rested for the weekends activities. Times and transport to be decided. Brian will arrange accommodation  in a local tavern with real ale and busty serving wenches. Saturday will be clay pigeon shooting, there will be plenty of pigeons but we will have to supply our own beater to get them into the air. The plan is to have 25 shots each at the pigeons in the morning, break for pub lunch, then 25 shots after the pub at anything that moves. Take wellies, warm coat/waterproof and hip flask.

Sunday 2 hours horse riding for those who want to do it (NL.IN.PR.JE.)(RC? KZ?) or walking (DB. RC? KZ?). Canít remember what Richard was doing as I was distracted by the lass with the nice bum! Pub lunch, then quads on the way home for those who want to do it (IN,RC,DB KZ?)


 Paddy has a route prepared which roughly follows the river avoiding any hills. Pad has enquired at HOAC about Canadian canoes they are unable to help us as their insurance wouldnít cover a group of fat old gits who intend to eventually canoe the tidal section of the Thames to Tower Bridge after spending the afternoon in the pub (canít understand why?). They have recommended he try a junior canoe club (which is the obvious place to go for large canoes for a group of fat old gits).

Walking 17th July

Location still to be decided could do a low level walk in Suffolk and watch the sunrise over the oilrigs or go up a peak and watch the sunrise from the top.

 Surfing 100th Activity 2nd October

Brian will find out about Thundercating at Croyde Bay. This is an inflatable boat with a big engine. 

25th Anniversary

A decision will be made at the next meeting as to where to go (possibly), skiing seems to be out and Tommy has withdrawn the Bangkok bid. This leaves the very impressive bid from Livingstone with beer at 30p a pint, all the tomatoes you can eat and a river with a giant water slide (does Chris do canoe hire?).

Alan will investigate a savings account so that monthly payments can be deposited. The target cost for the activity is £333 (1/3 rule applied)

 Next Meeting Sunday 7/3/04  8:30pm at The Tickenham.

Dave apologises in advance for absence as it is Lauraís birthday and we are going to the Top Wok eat as much as you like buffet (a family fatman filler).

If a decision is made on the 25TH Anniversary, Chrisís offer sound good but I am happy to go anywhere.

I am on for an early car and can drive for the multi-activity.

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