5TH February 2006

Nine Styles


Members Present: JE, PR, AB, RC, DB, NL (late)

                                STOP PRESS....... 

Al Buck is voted Fatman Sportsman of the Year for completing the double.

He not only took the darts trophy but also the new Pool Championship! 

There's no stopping him.

As for Scotland, we briefly chatted it through and thought it best to stick with the 16/17/18 June because we can all do it + Tony. We didn't phone Tony but suggest we do to see if there are any other huts available or pubs.

Canoeing Thames Leg 7 Chertsey to Teddington Lock:
Looks like a Friday evening start to collect the vessels but we then have two options:

1) We could make camp at Chertsey... leave the tents up and taxi back from Sunbury on Saturday night (which would save having a B&B). Then taxi back on Sunday morning to restart. We'd have also left a car at the end (Teddington).

or 2) Have the usual breakfast meeting at the Wonder Cafe on Saturday morning (early), leave a car at Teddington, drive to Chertsey to start the canoeing and B&B it in Sunbury.... (no tents needed, no taxis needed).

I think I favour option 2, but I'm open to opinions.

Cycling Holland: Neil reported on transport possibilities and we opted for the ferry... driving to Harwich early enough for a meal and drinks in the pub on Friday evening and then getting the overnight ferry (at about 10.45pm?) giving us an early start in the saddle the next day.


Next Meeting 5th March @ the Tickenham 8:30pm


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