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NYE Party

The murder mystery at the Four Deuces was unanimously declared to be a great success.  Thanks particularly to Neil, Keith and Paddy for the organisation, food and sounds.  Lyn’s Tiramasu will no doubt enter the Fatman gastronomic chronicles alongside the Thomson Baps, the Fatman Filler, the Zetter Ruby and the Rowley Porridge Oats & Baileys.

Christine revealed another side to her character as the murderess of the unfortunate mafia Boss, Big Jim played by John. Awards were presented to

Al’s Mum        -            Winner and Super Sleuth

Lyn                 -             Best Costume

Joan                -            Best Actor

The evening had a welcome interruption from Chris Hopes calling, in somewhat drunken condition, from Zambia to wish the Club members a happy New Year. 

The Executive Elections

Intense pre-election lobbying on behalf of prospective chairmen brought an air of drama to the occasion.  Impressive manifestos and campaign speeches were presented and the ball-bearing voting box was once more asked to play its part in deciding the leadership of the Club over the next 12 months.  The results of the 2004 executive posts were as follows:

Chairman          -           Paddy

Secretary           -           Ian

Treasurer          -           Alan

 Finances - Subscriptions

The incoming Chairman suggested that subs could in future be paid into the Club account by Standing Order.  However, after some debate it was decided that the up-front levy of £40 would remain.

The question of funding of the 25th Anniversary activity in 2005 was debated and it was agreed that an Activity Account should be set up into which members could make regular payments.

The Treasurer presented the end of year accounts for 2003. This showed a balance of £122.98 brought forward from 2002, £360 income from subscriptions and £10.44 miscellaneous.  Expenditure on activities of £400 left a balance of £93.42 carried over to 2004.

 2004 Activities

With the benefit of Paddy’s Fatman Activity Availability Chart the dates of activities were able to be resolved without too much argument.  After some debate the shortlist of favoured events came down to:

 Walking             (low points of the British Isles, Ireland, 3-Peaks,

                            Coastal Path (IOW))

Pony Trekking

Canoeing             (Maidenhead to Sunbury)





Cycling             (Holland)

Sailing              (Broads)

Multi-Activity   (Dartmoor – shooting, quad bikes, pony trekking

                          walking, mountain bikes?)        

The final Vote produced the following results:  




Multi-Activity (Dartmoor)

13-14th March



15-16th May

Neil and Paddy


17-18th July



2 -3rd October


25th Anniversary Activity 2005

It had previously been agreed that this activity should be something special and be more than the normal week-end duration.  The consensus was for a week long event in a foreign location. Suggestions included:

Iceland, Norway, Las Vegas, Rockies walking, Thailand (Thomson Tours), Zambia (No-Hopes Safari), Red Sea, Europe (ski-ing), Europe (cycling), UK (Caving)

It was recognised that cost would feature prominently in the choice of activity and although it was expected that Members would be saving diligently for this activity it was anticipated that the cost per head for the event could be £1000 +.

Costs of activities to be investigated by next meeting, particularly the front running ideas of:

Thailand (scuba diving, elephant jungle trekking etc – Tommy to be consulted)

Europe (Ski-ing – Brian to be consulted)

Zambia (safari – Chris to be consulted)

Annual Dinner

Dinner to be held at Uxbridge Golf Club on 3rd April.  Pre-dinner golf .  Wives included.

Any Other Business

It was pointed out that a Ford Ka in the car park contained a rather familiar impression in its off-side wing.  Further investigation revealed that some untimely reversing with a Christmas tree by our beloved Fat Lat had resulted in the esteemed member leaving the signature of his left buttock on the unfortunate vehicle.

Date Of Next Meeting

1st February at the Tichenham


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