Attendance:   Dave Brown 

                        Alan Buck

                        Richard Crisp

                        John Edwards

                        Neil Lattimer

                        Ian Narracott

                        Paddy Rowley

                        Keith Zetter


1.0              Chairman’s Address

                          Paddy reviewed the success of the activities in 2004:

·         Shooting, Riding, Walking, Drinking etc. - North Tawton, Devon (13-14th March) was organised by the Crisp boys (Brian and Richard). This activity proved to be most successful with accommodation and after hours drinking provided at the local pub.  Paddy proved to be the Master Marksman at clay pigeon shooting whilst John demonstrated how male genitalia could provide somewhat painful additional cushioning during the rigours of pony trekking on a wet Sunday.

·         Walking of the Gower Peninsular (17-18th July) was organised by John and was also attended by the overseas contingent of Neal Kembery and Dave Baker who provided company to Ian and Neil for the late night scotch consumption.   The Port Eynon campsite provided an excellent base for the event. The breezy coastal walk on a fine week-end proved to be an interesting departure from our usual mountain treks.  Keith showed that he did not have a weak stomach by demonstrating quite how much and how far he could throw-up around his tent.

·         Canoeing the 6th leg of the Thames from ‘source to sea’ was organised by Paddy and Neil and took place on 4-5th September.  This stage was intended to be from Maidenhead to Teddington Lock but the larger Canadian canoes borrowed and hired for this event proved not to be as swift as anticipated.  The departure from the use of kayaks, that have always been previously used, was primarily for reasons of comfort.  The expanding girths of the fatmen with time had meant that fitting into a kayak was not only uncomfortable but also dangerous!  The intended stop-over on Saturday night at the campsite at Laleham, near Chertsey was abandoned for a hotel in Datchet after a quick late-afternoon pub stop drifted into an extended drinking session.  The event finished on Sunday at the Laleham campsite.

·         Surfing at Polzeath, 1-3rd October was organised by Ian and marked the theoretical 100th activity of the FMCC.  Invitation to the activity was extended to old members and friends.  In addition to the ‘active’ members it was gratifying to see Duncan, Alan, Nigel, Gordon and Andy also commemorate this event.  Brian organised some professional coaching from the ‘Surfs-up’ School and most benefited from the refresher coaching.  The Oyster Catcher provided excellent self catering accommodation and hostelry for the week-end.  

2004 also proved to be a first for the Club in respect of forward planning and commitment.  The proposed 2005, 25th Anniversary Activity to Zambia became a reality with the accepted bid and proposed itinerary from Chris Hopes.  A total of ten flight places have been booked and confirmed to include all eight of the ‘active’ UK members plus Tony Cook and Duncan Swift.  Neal Kembery (Australia) and Ian Thompson (Thailand) are also expected to join the party.  

Congratulations were offered to:  

a)         John, for managing to buck the judicial system by moving his jury service date to avoid the 2005 Zambia trip.  

b)         Alan, who had a successful operation on his knee and is recovering well.  We all hope that the bionic knee will enable him to engage fully in the more physical future activities  

2.0            Financial Review  

Alan provided the Club accounts for 2004.  This showed a negative cash flow for the year.  Subscriptions, various kitty residues and interest on capital provided the only income totalling £328.13 which was not matched by the outgoing activity subsidy of £400.  However, due to earlier financial prudence by the treasurer there was sufficient capital in the funds on which to draw down.  The end of year balance of £31.33 does nevertheless reflect a less than healthy prognosis for the financial future.  

3.0         Election of new Executive  

Election of the executive was carried out in time-honoured fashion using the ball bearing ballot box.  The following results were returned:  

·         Chairman            -            Ian Narracott

·         Secretary            -            Paddy Rowley

·         Treasurer            -            Alan Buck

4.0              Subscription levy 2005  

The returned Treasurer pointed out that due to a dwindling number of ‘paid-up’ Club members, in order to subsidise future activities to the tune of £100 it would be necessary to increase the annual subscription.  It was unanimously agreed that the subscription for 2005 would be increased to £50.  This was subsequently collected from the members.  

5.0              New Years Eve 2004  

The ‘Way out West’ Murder Mystery evening at the Silver Dollar Saloon, Cactus Gulch was a great success even if the purpose of the evening became eclipsed as food and drink was consumed.  The death of poor old Zeke Calhoun was precipitated by corrupt railway agent (Jeanine) and her henchman (Alan).  However, by the end of the evening no one seemed to have deduced the killers nor seemed to care.  Powers of deduction were clearly influenced by drink.  Even the organising bartender seemed somewhat befuddled by the complexities of the game.  Nevertheless this did not detract from the enjoyment of the evening.  Well done to Neil for organising the game and to those that prepared the most excellent meal.  

Unfortunately,  both Keith and Lynn had to depart for part of the evening to attend to Keith’s dad who was taken ill. We understand that he is now much better and wish him a full recovery.  

6.0              2005 Activities  

Voting for the years activities provided the following results:    

Caving  4
Cycling (Track)  6
Cycling (Touring – France)  5
Cycling (Touring – England)  5
Barge 7
Sand Yachting   7
Sailing Lessons 5
Canoe Touring 2
Canoe Thames (7th leg)  2
Environment/Community Service  3
Broads Cruising (Gin Palace) 7
Horse Riding 4

On the second ballot the follow activities were chosen to supplement the Zambia trip and walking activity already planned.

Cycling            -                       10/11th September  (organiser – Alan Buck)

Barge              -                       3/4th December   (organiser – Neil Lattimer)  


6.1            Walking – Peak District 21/23rd January  

Neil has found some alternative accommodation depending on what area we intend to walk.  Decision was made to have a base in southern Peak District and Neil would book a cottage near Ashbourne.  

            6.2            Zambia (23-30th April)  

Travel arrangements are in place and activity schedule agreed although Chris will need to know if there will be any non-participants in any of the planned activities. 

  Jabs to be sorted 6 weeks prior to the trip. 

  Chris will need passport details in order to sort out Visas. 

  Paddy’s proposed 25th Anniversary design for clothing was approved.  It will be necessary to find a company that can supply the necessary T-shirts / Polo shirts printed with the design.  

            6.3            Family Camp / Chairman’s BBQ / Treasure Hunt  

Nothing decided these items to be subject to discussion at a future meeting.  

7.0       Annual Meal  

The membership agreed that the Club’s annual meal (to include wives) will take place on 16th July.  

8.0         Membership  

The official paid up membership of the Club is eight and included the attending members.  

Due to the limited numbers of members available for activities it was suggested that certain ex-members and friends should be considered for inclusion when organising activities with a view to perhaps increasing membership in the future. 

9.0           Clothing  

The search continues for a supplier of good quality clothing printed with the Club logo.  Members to research and report.  

10.0     Any Other Business  

It was suggested that a FMCC charity Calendar was prepared for 2006.  Our Artistic Director (Paddy) to consider the possibility.  

Next Meeting 6th February at Tichenham – 8.30pm


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