Attendance:   D. B.

                        A. B..

                        R. C.

                        J. E.

                        N .L.

                        I. N.

                        P .R.

                        K .Z.


1.0       Election of new Executive

 Election of the executive was carried out in time-honoured fashion using the ball bearing ballot box.  The following results were returned:


·         Chairman        -           P. R.

·         Secretary        -           I. N.

·         Treasurer        -           A. B.


2.0       Financial Review

 Alan provided the Club accounts for 2006.  This showed a positive cash flow for the year.  Subscriptions, various kitty residues and interest on capital provided the only income totalling £484.09.  The outgoings comprised the activity subsidy of £400.  Once again financial prudence on the part of the treasurer has resulted in an increased end of year balance of £84.09 compared to that of 2005 where the end of year balance was £43.05.


3.0       Subscription

 Subscriptions were held at £50 for the third year and Alan duly collected these from the members

4.0       New Years Eve 2006

 The ‘Vive La France ’ evening was proclaimed as a great success.  Well done to all that contributed to an evening of gastronomy, intellect and music. The food was excellent and the games / quizzes were both entertaining and challenging.  The confetti canon, balloon and knees up were to the expected traditional FMCC NYE standards.  An altogether memorable evening and all at £19.11 per head!

5.0       2007 Activities

 Voting for the year’s activities provided the following results on a first ballot:


Walking / dry stone walling                            5

Hill walking                                                       8

Spain – Run with bulls                                    2

Sand Yachting ( Belgium )                              8

Windsurfing (Lakes)                                        4

Sailing ( Broads )                                             7

Sailing (IOW)                                                    5

Canoe Thames (7th leg)                                  2

Cycling / walking ( North Wales )                   5

Surfing / Coastal walk                                     7

Golf                                                                    5

Kite surfing                                                      3

Caving (Swildons)                                           2

Tomato throwing                                             4

Euro activity                                                     7

 After reconsideration of transport costs to Belgium a second ballot was taken and the following activities were chosen:-

Hill Walking                 -                       24/25th February (organisers – Paddy / Neil)

Euro Activity                -                       21/22nd April   (organisers – John / Richard)

Surfing                         -                       14/15th July  (organisers – Ian / Alan)

Sailing ( Norfolk )           -                       6/7th October (organiser – Keith)

 Paddy suggested there was to be some excellent walking around Hebden Bridge for the first activity and he was to look into accommodation and planning of the weekend.

6.0       Annual Meal

 The membership agreed that there should be a Club annual meal (to include wives).  However, a decision as to the date and venue was to be held over to a future meeting.  Members meanwhile are to come up with ideas.

 Next Meeting 4th February at Tichenham – 8.30pm


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