MINUTES of the 2014 FMCC AGM


All members were present. Venue: Scout Hut. Date: Sunday 5th January 2014

Well it was all very excitingÖ. Ian didn't want to stand as Chairman for a third term of office, so the voting box was dusted off and the balls soon started clattering this way or that.

John had more balls than the other candidates, so became Chairman.

He was presented with his ceremonial items of office (the box, but not the gun which Ian seems to have misplaced).  

Pad remained Secretary. The treasurer reported that our bank balance stands at £32.52p, so Alan retained his treasurership and duly collected £80 subs from members.


As for activities, there was quite a todo about it all. Prior to the meeting, Fatmen got their FatWACs's out and the secretary merged them togetherÖ a difficult process that requires dexterity and patience. 


Activity Dates 2014


1) 5/6 April

2) 21/22 June

3) 4/5 October 

4) 22/23 November or 29/30 November (depending on Padís work)


Then members voted for the following activities...


Caving 3

Surfing 6

Walking Southern Ireland 6

Cycling Reading to Bath on canal 8

Canoeing Thames last leg 5

Tank paint balling 5

Deep sea fishing 2

Isle of Man rent scooters or mopeds 7

Via Ferrata Dolomites 3

Kite surfing 4

Walking / Biking Snowdonia 5

Booze cruise 4


So when everything was merged and computed the result looked like this...


1) 5/6 April - Isle of Man: Rent scooters or mopeds -  Neil to organise OR Walking Southern Ireland - Pad to organise

2) 21/22 June - Cycling: Reading to Bath on canal - Dave to organise

3) 4/5 October - Isle of Man: Rent scooters or mopeds -  Neil to organise OR Walking Southern Ireland - Pad to organise

4) 22/23 November or 29/30 November (depending on Padís work) - Surfing - Ian to organise


The Chairman stated that all activities were to be by public transport! We were galloping on apace, so straight into AOB....


GOLF... that's on 16th Feb at the Chairmanís chosen course. It is to be a 3 club championship. John to book.

Canoeing the last stage of the Thames (as an extra curricular activity) when the tides timetable permits.

Chairmanís BBQ will be held on Saturday 16th August and

Annual Meal at The Sausage Tree, High Wycombe. Pad to book on Saturday 20th September.

Battery Chargers - Last but by no means least... Johnny reported that the batteries are charged and ready in case we fancy a quick impromtu trip down Swildons.


Meeting closed early, at 11pm.

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