MINUTES of the 2015 FMCC AGM


Members present: IN, KZ, RC, DB, NL, JE, PR

Venue: Woodford Hall Scout HQ, Ruislip

The voting went as follows:


Richard, John and Dave were nominated and Dave won the Chairmanship with 5 balls, John and Richard both got 4.


Keith, John and Ian were nominated and Keith won the Treasuryship with 6 balls.


Remained Pad with no other nominees.


Treasurer’s Report

Pad as acting treasurer for the second half of 2014 reported that funds in the Summer stood at £491.17. Then £100 was spent at The Sausage Tree, £300 for Norfolk Broads and Surfing floats and £25 for Denise Xmas flowers leaving £66.17 which was duly paid to Keith by cheque. 


An increase in subs was decided upon from £80 to £100, which would also pay our web guru John for the website fee of £69 for 5 years.


Activities & Dates

Always a thorny issue. The compiled FatWACs showed a free weekend on 17th Jan, but then nothing until the end of May. As for activities, members voted as follows:


Via ferrata 3

Cycling UK 7

Walking Southsea 7

Zip wire 3

Zorbing 2

Horse riding 2

Sailing abroad 4

Caving 3

Canoe Thames last leg 4

Sand yachting France 5

Jersey cycling 6

European city & cycling 5

Switzerland trotty bike 6

Bushcraft in Wantage 4

Manor Hotel multi activity 5

Rhu Ddu Snowdon walking 4

NT volunteering 5

Cycling France St Malo ?

Canoeing Dordogne ?


After some debate, the following activities were chosen:


1) Cycling UK, 18/19 April organised by JE (PR to join after his conference in Bristol?)

2) Jersey (electric biking?) 6/7 June. NL

3) Walking (Southsea) 19/20 Sept. DB

4) Multi activity 31 Oct / 1 Nov. RC


Additional dates were allotted as follows:

- Golf Tournament at Oxhey on Sunday 18th January

- ‘School Dinners’ annual meal on 18th July

- Delayed 2014 Chairman’s BBQ at John’s on 8th or 9th August


Next meeting: 1st February


Secretary’s Addendum:

Talking about cycling activities, the day after the AGM, a friend recommended the Alsace Wine Route - a cycle route past 100 vineyards, accessible by train to Strasbourg. Just a thought for another year perhaps.

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