MINUTES of the 2016 FMCC AGM


Members present: DB, RC, JE, NL, IN, PR, KZ

Venue: Woodford Hall Scout HQ, Ruislip

As members assembled for this time honoured annual general meeting one hour earlier than previous years, it was noted that no members had turned up in a frock! With transgender issues being topical, perhaps it’s only a question of time. The usual signs are when a fatman starts preferring a cup of tea to a pint of beer, or a half of lager to a pint of ale! Some members lamented the loss of the NYE Party which had allowed for their feminine side to come out in public once a year.


Pre-voting conversation then hovered to drones and PR’s micro quadcopters that are now flitting around the PR household, and then to the darkside… the dark web and dark ladies. The attractions of one oversized such lady in Amsterdam was cited - whether available on the darkside or not, wasn’t known.


Suddenly conversation turned serious as requests for a new printed FMCC Directory were mooted by some members stuck in a 1980’s time warp and not yet used to the modern age. Only Mr DB’s mobile number needed updating and members eventually worked out how to do it on their gadgets.


The outgoing Chairman (Mr DB) then gave a report on 2015’s activities which had all been successfully enjoyed in unusually dry weather due to climate change. And the Treasurer reported that the Club’s accounts had ended the year in the black - at £122.37p.


On to the voting of club officialdom. Some past presidents have brandished the gun in a threatening manner at this point - not so Mr DB. His coolness helped earn him a 2nd term in office, though he was up against stiff opposition in the form of Mr NL.

Mr IN had also been nominated, but was ruled out for his excessive talk of body mass indexing, muesli and threatening to bring his weighing machine on activities.


Five balls confirmed Mr DB’s re-election. Messrs KZ and PR remained Treasurer and Secretary uncontested.


On then to the FATWAC’s - our weekend availability for the year and what activities we want to do. PR mentioned his non-availability in two weeks time due to working on the Nu-Skin Conference. He explained that for just £175 you can buy a very small bottle of rejuvenating lotion which turns back the clock on your body’s ageing process (he’s been using it for some years). It may be too late for other members, BUT and it’s a big BUT, if I can get a barrel load of the stuff at a knock down price - it probably still won’t make any difference.


Activities to do in 2016 were then discussed. JE suggested walking up Marilyn’s in Shropshire. Marilyn’s ‘what’ we weren’t too sure but members were keen to find out. Broads sailing is ever popular, but this year given a twist… we’d find a sailing boat with an engine in case the wind drops. Cycling in Prague will be our big foreign adventure. The last will be a narrowboat trip in uncharted waters (ie. oop north).


So 2016 FMCC activities married with dates and organisers, looks like this:


APRIL 16/17: Walking Shropshire (JE)

JUNE 11/12: Broads Sailing (KZ)

SEPT 10/11: Prague Cycling (RC/NL)

NOV 12/13: Narrowboat Trip (Stoke Bruerne / Gayton Marina) Blisworth tunnel (NL/PR)


All activities put forward with their votes were as follows:

Marilyn walking Shropshire 7

Broads sailing with motor 6 (6 for 2nd vote)

Prague cycle 7 (5 for 2nd vote)

Narrowboat trip 7


Rhy ddu bunkhouse Snowdonia walking 4

Gin palace Thames 5

Sailing barge 6 (1 for 2nd vote)

Scotland golf/Ben Nevis walking 4

Swiss trotty biking 7 (2 for 2nd vote)

Caving 3

Lakes via ferrata / zip wire / walking 3


The meeting drifted to a finish earlier than usual and members departed, apart from IN, who had lost his phone and NL & PR who helped him look for it - it was down the back of the sofa!


The next meeting is scheduled for 7th February back at our usual venue - The Tich.

And Happy New Year to our foreign associates!

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