MINUTES of the 2017 FMCC AGM


Minutes from the FMCC AGM

Sunday 8th January 2017

Scout Hut, Ruislip


Members present: DB, JE, NL, IN, PR, KZ



It was suggested that RC should be Chairman for 2017 as he wasnít in attendance. Everyone agreed, but then it was mentioned that he might find attendance of meetings slightly trickier now heís moved down South, so both JE and DB were forwarded for consideration. During the time-honoured tradition of the Ďvoting boxí, the balls fell in favour of JE and DB who tied with 4 balls each. They then had a penalty shoot-out and both scored 3 balls eachÖ so it then came down to the flip of a coin which DB won with tails.


KZ had done a remarkable job as treasurer and had a printout making the accounts look almost proper. So he was automatically reconstituted for 2017. As was PR as secretary - all because he still updates the FMCC Directory (sad isnít it).


2) Subs and Amendment

KZ reported that we are £247.15 in surplus. Members are to pay subs of £100 into KZís account. PR suggested an activity refund could be introduced for members unable to attend an activity due to last minute work, citing that his FATWACís chart in January can only be guessed and for the past few years he has not only missed half the yearís activities but on top of that, had to pay £25 for each non-attendance. It was decided that a £25 refund should be due after 2 activity misses caused by last minute work.



The completed FATWACS was consulted and clear weekends were established and reasonably spaced out, despite the first activity being later than normal. Without much ado the following activities were all deemed worthy:

Jurassic walking with dinosaurs (us I suppose)

Cycling in France with sea cruise as in the old days

Canoeing the River Severn and camping in a pub garden

Devon multi-activity weekend at Manor Hotel (with NLís approval)


They fall neatly into the dates chosen as follows:


April 8/9 - Jurassic walking (RC to organise as itís down his way

June 10/11 - Cycling in France (KZ to organise)

Sept 30 / Oct 1 - Canoeing River Severn (PR to organise)

Dec 2/3 - Devon multi-activity weekend (IN to organise)


Other activities that didnít quite make the grade were: caving, running with bulls, walking in Scotland. Surely these activities could be combined.


4) AOB

- The Annual Fatman Golf Masters Championship is to be held on Sunday 22nd January at Uxbridge, meeting first at 9am at the Tich for brekkers.

- August 12th was chosen as the date for either the annual meal or BBQ.

- The secretary said he would relay the activities and dates to anyone else who might want to attend.


The AGM was closed at 10.45pm.

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