MINUTES of the 2018 FMCC AGM


Minutes from the FMCC AGM

Sunday 7th January 2018

Scout HQ, Ruislip


Members present: Mr Brown, Mr Edwards, Mr Lattimer, Mr Narracott, Mr Rowley, Mr Zetter


In time honoured tradition, the usual banter occurred…


New Years Eve: Everyone had a dull time. Can we resurrect the party to bring back ‘The Final Countdown’, Big Ben and the ‘Hokey Cokey’? Yes we can! Member’s offspring can come with friends and Mr Rowley mentioned that his tennis club didn’t have a party so they too would be keen, not to mention the badminton club and Chris’ swim club… all in need of a party to go to - and all Ruislip based. Just a thought.

Incest: Mr Edwards advised us all not to get too amorous with our 1st cousins.

We also discussed his bottom - was it similar to the one Mr Narracott sent us a video of? Probably not - but the topic was changed quickly before he could drop his trousers, luckily. We discussed films recently seen including The Revenant (just like a Fatman winter activity), Debbie does… (dull, but fondly remembered), Avatar, Paddington 2, Star Wars Last Jedi - rubbish cash-in on franchise, though Rogue One was very good. Mr Edwards then informed us of a little known Star Wars factoid - that the Yoda’s manner of speaking sentences in reverse is based on the way Hawaiian’s speak. I’ve got a feeling this has come up at a previous AGM.

Chitchat then rumbled on about pensions, bus passes and golf, before the Chairman, Mr Brown declared that he’d got the gun, got the voting box, got the manacles. Got the manacles???!!!? These hadn’t been seen since Nigel or maybe John wore them. They’d been lost in the mists of time for several decades, but now miraculously reappeared. Is someone about to get hitched?


Official Stuff:

The Chairman gave his year-end speech announcing that 2017’s 1st activity was ‘Fossils walking on the Jurassic Coast’ and it had been successful. So too had cycling in France - Mr Edwards declared that his medical bills amounted to €18. Also, Mr Zetter had got the hump about somebody… and the Fruits de Mer wasn’t up to scratch - the chaps had shelled-out too much for it! Mr Rowley said his omelette was excellent. Canoeing the Severn was good, though the campsite was a trifle muddy and the pub not the best. Lastly, the multi activity Manor/Ashbury weekend was very good, but we need to make the most of it as it may be sold soon.


The Treasurer, Mr Zetter then reported the club has a healthy balance of £282.94 and the subs could remain at £100. He was voted back in automatically, as was Secretary, Mr Rowley, who was diligently taking these minutes.


It was suggested that Mr Crisp should be Chairman for 2018 as he wasn’t in attendance. But voting for Chairman began in the time honoured way... casting silver balls into the box…


First vote was for Mr Brown to remain - result: FOR 4, AGAINST 2

Mr Lattimer FOR 4, AGAINST 2

Mr Edwards FOR 4, AGAINST 2


A second round of voting thus began whereby the nominee couldn’t vote.

Mr Brown to remain: FOR 3, AGAINST 2

Mr Lattimer: FOR 3, AGAINST 2

Mr Edwards: FOR 5, AGAINST 1


So Mr Edwards was formally matriculated (which didn’t involve custard creams). His appointment comes about following his controversial ‘never liked curries for 40 years’ joke. But on the plus side, he’s pro British ‘proper’ beer.



The completed FATWACS was consulted and clear weekends were established and reasonably spaced out, despite the first activity being in April. Without much ado the following activities were all deemed worthy:


1) Fossils walking Jurassic Coast 2 - the sequel - got 5 votes & voted 1st activity on April 14/15. RC to organise

2) Cycling in France - Dunkirk to Calais - got 6 votes 2nd activity on July 14/15. NL & KZ to organise

3) Chiltern multi-activity - inc. brewery tour - got 6 votes 3rd activity on Sept 1/2. JE & DB to organise

4) Narrowboat Thames loop - via Brentford & Limehouse - got 4 votes 4th activity on Nov 3/4. NL & IN to organise

Canoeing the River Thames last stage got 4 votes

Prague (similar to format of Amsterdam weekend) got 4 votes

Guernsey biking got 5 votes

Isle of Man biking/walking got 4 votes

Caving got 4 votes!!!!

Honister zip wire, trampoline & via ferrata, Lake District got 3 votes

Snowdonia walking in girl guide hut £4 got 5 votes

Beer Festival abroad got 2 votes

Scotland with Tony got 4 votes


Other Dates for the diary:

- Annual Fatman Golf Masters Tournament 4th March

- Annual Meal at Sausage Tree, High Wycombe on 9th June

- Chairmans BBQ 4th August



- Johnnie says the FX2 caving lamps all ready to go & 2 carbides as back up

- Next meeting 4th Feb

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