MINUTES of the 2019 FMCC AGM


Minutes from the FMCC AGM

Sunday 6th January 2019

Scout HQ, Ruislip


Members present: Mr Brown, Mr Edwards, Mr Lattimer, Mr Narracott, Mr Rowley, Mr Zetter

8pm sharp - with all members present except Richard, the meeting was opened - 
but before the clattering of balls in wooden box could be heard, a man turned up 
with three heavy filing cabinets! Neil said they needed man-handling up into the loft. 
Much wheezing and puffing ensued while John mounted the new steps (with 
handrail) and pulled each cabinet up out of the hands of the five Fatmen below. 
Neil thanked us for our efforts and also for the floor sealing done over the Christmas 
New Year period. Back to business… after noting once again how Dave has 
become an enviable ‘fanny magnet’ - all members to start growing goatee beards.

Mr Edward’s, reviewed the year's activities. He also informed us that he’d been 
suffering from a corrupt disk problem - not that anyone seemed to have noticed, but 
we were thankful for his admission.

The Treasurer announced that we're £9 down on last year and that our savings had 
earnt £1.59 interest. Everyone applauded his accountancy skills in achieving this 
fine result.

Ian, Dave and John were candidates and five balls rolled Ian’s way, 5 rolled Dave’s 
way and 4 for John.
After further ball tossing, Dave received 2 balls and Ian 4… hence Mr Narracott 
became the 2019 Chairman.

Pad remained Secretary
Keith remained Treasurer

had already been mostly determined by the FatWACs, but were  
nearly finalised as…
March 30/31
June 8/9
Sept 21/22

with member’s votes, as below…

Isle of Man ebiking, fly or train (6 votes)
Alpine biking (2 votes)
Dolomites via ferrata scrambling (3 votes)
E biking Guernsey (5 votes)
Scotland shoot/walk (3 votes) 
Walking South Downs Way in stages (6 votes)
Manor House, Okehampton multi-sports (6 votes)
Sailing on Norfolk Broads (5 votes)
South Devon: Dartmoor walk & golf on clifftop (4 votes)
Snowdonia West Wales walking (3 votes)
Gin Palace on Broads (4 votes)
Exmoor walk (1 vote)
Local Jet ski/cycling (4 votes)

So the activities voted for 2019 in date order were …… (drum roll) …….

1) South Downs Way in stages for the March 30/31 activity, (PGR trip planner)
2) Sailing on Broads in June 8/9. (KTZ trip planner)
3) Isle of Man eBiking in September 21/22, (PGR trip planner)
4) Manor House in November date to be confirmed, (IKN trip planner)

- The Annual FMCC Golf Championship will be held on April 21st. Venue to be 
- The FMCC Annual Dinner is to be on 25th May (Neil’s birthday). Venue to be 
- A BBQ will be held at John's new garden bar on August 3
- The FMCC Annual Darts Championship will be held at The Manor Hotel in 

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