FMCC Minutes July 2005

 Location:  The Tickenham, Ickenham, Middlesex

 Members Present:     Keith








Guests                        The Yanks

 Apologies                     John    

Apology Rating             Poor  / Implausible

 Points Raised

1)      Fines for late and non attendance.

2)      Cycling Activity

3)      Brian’s 50th Birthday

 1)      Fines

The 4 members present at 8.30 unanimously carried the motion that  “Any late attendance was punishable by sitting on their own table with Americans and fined a round of drinks payable during the next activity”. Therefore Mr Narracott / Latimer and Rowley will be buying the drinks on the next activity.

Mr Edwards non attendance was deemed poor, his excuse implausible but it did include the mother-in-law clause which is a bit like the get out of jail free card in monopoly. However this is only playable once a year.

I was personally disappointed after attending the Prince of Wales earlier in the day and was keen to pass on my views of the new adornments to the Pool table.

 2)      Cycling

The ever reliable and re-built Mr Buck has booked a suitable camp site from Thursday 8th September to Sunday 10th September.

A discussion about why he could not book for anything less than 3 days then took place for no apparent reason other than to pass away a few minutes.

The opportunity is therefore available for keen members, probably those who turn up on time for meetings to indulge in our cycling passion and go down on a Thursday afternoon.

Interest was expressed by Mr Brown / Zetter / Buck and Lattimer to have an extra day, this was a rather late development with some members judgement possibly altered by the strange dark liquid being served in the public house.

 Full attendance was agreed by all those present for the weekend,

 Several questions to be answered.

Is Jonny bringing Gordon ? Is Jonny bringing himself ? Does he have a new au-pair ?  

Catering is being supplied by Mr Narracott. He of course is not be aware of this development as he was otherwise engaged during the meeting, but never let it be said that the minutes do not fail to shock, certainly the above line is a shock to Mr Naracott. Breakfast and late night snacks.

Would the bitter drinkers require a polypin ! Discuss.

 One is assuming our regular mechanic Mr Brown will be on spanner duty.

 Timings and attendance need to be forwarded to Mr Buck.

Drivers of vehicles need to be finalised, as does vehicles with appropriate cycle carrying cars or attachments.

3) Mr Crisp Jumbo Size – 50th Stone Birthday

On reaching the incredible milestone of weighing in at 50  stone or was it 50 years Mr Crisp Jumbo is holding a 50th birthday party.

The theme is the beach boys so Hawaiian Shirts are compulsory, please bring a surf board and  Rose mentioned something about waxing but I changed the conversation.

 Deluxe accommodation is available in your own tents by the rugby field, or at the local pubs. He lives in North Tawton , near Okehampton .  

He hopes you can all attend and all family members are welcome.


 A belated e-mail from Mr Rowley was received where Mr Rowley proposed an extraordinary meeting to discuss the finer points of the cycling trip.

This is an excellent proposal and a suitable date at the Ruislip Tandoori to be found.

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