Minutes of July Meeting

Held 07/07/2002 at the Tickenham Public House, Ickenham.


Present: Keith, Alan, Ian, Neil, Andy (yes Andy) Dave, Richard


Apologies:  John, Paddy (who was away walking alone, the Pennine Way whilst befriending young people along the way).


No foreigners turned up so their was no talk of tomatoes, kangaroos or Mountain design leisure wear.



Sailing - Isle of White trip. 38ft Sigma,  No reported incidents in the National Press so assume it went fine.

The unreported collision of the FMCC Craft with A large ferry was not deemed newsworthy enough.


Rafting 05/10/2002 Lake Bala.

7 to a boat we will be going, stay at the cottage to have a very relaxing weekend.

Dave to book rafting.


Other Regular Updates


Clothing:  Out logo appears to have disappeared from most companies records. Alan to try to re-establish our selves as a worthy organisation to have a logo of and then arrange the selection, purchase and payment of garments. Christmas may come and go Clothing never will.



In the light of the Enron accounting scandals Keith was asking if the club funds are correctly audited.

Alan said they were accurate to one decimal point, so thatís all right then.



25th Anniversary


In his absence of Pennine Pad ex Poncho Pad no one knew when the 25th anniversary was, No one even knew what year it was !!!


It was also discussed whether members would like to save a regular amount each month so as a longer activity could be organised and celebrated during this momentous occasion

It was agreed that those who wish to contribute a regular monthly amount, provision would be made to facilitate this request. Before this could be arranged there is a need to determine a weekend in advance, so as to establish length of contributions ( months ) and monetary value which will obviously depend on the number of months

Alan suggested investing all the shares in WorldCom therefore a  new portfolio manager is required !!!


Keith won the darts, congratulations.

The darts tournament during the sailing activity had to be curtailed due to the dripping water around the periphery of the dart board.


Next Meeting


This Sunday 4th August 2002 at 8.30pm at the Tickenham.

Dave tenders his early apologies and I think Mr Lats is in Belgium.





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