MEETING OF THE




D Baker

A Buck

D Brown

J Edwards

N Kembery

N Lattimer

I Narracott



R Crisp  -  Hols

P Rowley – Walking

K Zetter  -  Hols


Walking – Gower Peninsular 17/18th July


John confirmed the booking of the Carreglwyd camp site at Port Eynon, Gower

(Tel: 01792 390795  _  www.carreglwyd.com).  Possible alternative routes were discussed.

  • Round route requiring bivying out on Saturday night and returning to camp site on Sunday
  • Base Camp at Port Eynon travelling on a circular route to return to camp site for Pub and, possibly, beach barbeque ( weather permitting ) on Saturday night.  Sunday - circular route – different direction but must include pub for late Sunday  lunch.


A majority of those attending the meeting preferred the second option.

 Attending:         Dave Baker, Dave Brown, Richard Crisp, John Edwards, Neal Kembery, Neil Lattimer, Ian Narracott, Paddy Rowley and Keith Zetter.

 Transport:         3 Cars.  Neal Kembery, Dave Brown and Ian Narracott volunteered to provide transport.  Neal and Dave Baker  likely to drive down early and could take some provisions (tea/coffe etc.) and equipment. Other cars anticipate leaving 2.00 to 3.00pm on Friday.  Anyone who is unable to leave at that time please let John know.

 Equipment:       Tents:  Small tents to be taken. Dave (1), John (2), Ian (1).  Neil L, Paddy and Keith no doubt can rustle up some tents as well.

Cooking:  Neil to arrange double burner for Tea/coffee.  Breakfast at The Seafarer café or The Captain’s Table.  Eating and Drinking generally to be carried out within suitably accommodating establishments.  But possibly some biscuit / bread and cheese for the late night hunger pangs.  Ian to pull together what is left of the mobile bar.


Personal:  Usual walking / weather gear.  Swimming trunks for thoe brave enough to take a dip in the sea.  Sleeping bag/ mat., Mug, plate and cutlery.


Thames Canoeing – 4th / 5th September

 No further progress with booking arrangements for the next leg of the Thames expedition but to be discussed at next meeting

 Surfing – Polzeath 2-3rd October

 Early response indicated that we have at least 10 members for this event.  Alan Hicks has signed up. Adrian Feldman was keen to go but has a wedding to attend.  Two flats have been booked above the Oystercatcher overlooking the bay and there is spare capacity if any of our overseas members and associates wish to attend.  Please let Ian know.

 Zambia 2005

 Following previous lengthy discussions it have been hoped that the date for the 25th anniversary activity had been settled.  However,  after much manoeuvring to achieve a date that, if not ideal,  was generally accepted by all, it now seems that John has been called up for Jury Service and was seeking to have the date changed. 

 This caused some consternation at the meeting and after many suggestions as to how he could legitimately postpone or otherwise relinquish his responsibilities,  he agreed to seek the Courts permission for a postponement and will let us know the outcome at the Walking week-end.

John’s Health

 John was pleased to report that his mystery week-end bouts of head-aches and sickness had been diagnosed and that the drugs prescribed to reduce his blood pressure were working a treat.  However, members must do their best to prevent him getting too excited and future trips to the Prince of Wales or the WoolPack are to be discouraged.


Meeting closed 10.44 pm

Date Of Next Meeting

1st August at the Tichenham


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