FMCC June Minutes 2003

AC (computering)

A nearly full turnout at the Tich. Only Andy was absent and members expressed concern over his welfare.

Prior to the meeting being opened, pleasantries were exchanged and chairs found for two of the older members - Grandad and Monteith who were a little bit late due to old age. John proudly announced that the web counter had gone up 1 since the start of the year. A just cause for celebration! Courage Best was 1.25 (another cause for celebration) while some members were on the fire-breathing 'Dragon-Slayer'.

SAILING 12/13th July: 

Trip organiser, Keith announced that all was booked. He also reported that one pennant exists in the portable bar and that he'd make a second.

Neil is to bring the portable bar and check it contains sufficient supplies (G&T's especially). Transportation to the Broads will consist of two vehicles of 4 Fatmen in each - one early and one less early, but Richard said that he couldn't leave until 8pm and therefore the less early car may become a late car.

SWISS CYCLE 7/8th September: 

The first big question on everyone's lips ... 'Are we going to Zurich or Geneva'. Nobody was quite sure. Originally we were going to Geneva on one weekend, but then it became Zurich on another .... but then Brian had thought we were going to Geneva because Chip had found a cheaper flight than the one to Zurich. Either way its booked and half the price of the Cherbourg boat trip (though lacking cabaret and gambling).

Had accommodation and cycle hire been booked? Is the route planned? Apparently not! The Chairman was concerned and asked Chip to put forward a full dossier on the activity, at the next meeting, including booking details, costs, itinieries, maps etc.

BARGING 8/9th November: 

Neil says that the HMS Fat Lardy Butts has been requisitioned from the Navy, the one with the disabled lift that can hoist fat sailors back on board following land excursions.

The voyage will commence from the Coy Carp, but members were unsure whether to sail to the Northern territories of K2, or South to the sunnier climes of Brentford or to the Far East .... Limehouse Basin. The various pros and cons were considered such as The Woolpack if headed South or The POW should the boat head North, but no decision was made.

2005 - The 25th Anniversary Year: 

Members discussed briefly what special activities should be considered for this momentous year. Among the many celebratory activities considered was a special skiing trip, Tom's Bangkok special, a long weekend in Dublin and a special Swildon's Round Trip. Tom needs to furnish us with a possible program of actiivities.

Summer Social (BBQ & Rounders): 

Sunday 6th July. Ian volunteered the use of a local field and his garden for the BBQ and Pad offered an Ickenham field and his garden as a backup. See Ian's emails for latest times and information.

Welsh Cottage: Neil reported that the schoolhouse has been sold for 89,500. Members breathed a sigh of relief.
Family Camp: John suggested a new date and venue. Possibly New Forest on 20/21 September.
Darts Competition: Also to be re-scheduled later on.

Pad and Chris are organising a softball/rounders game (nothing too serious) 10.30am on Sunday morning 29th June, at Kings College Playing Fields, Ruislip. We'd play until about midday and then head to The Six Bells for some well earned refreshments. We've got the bats, some catching gloves and the bases. Bring your own baseball caps, chewing gum, kids (if you've got any) and water. If you're interested, please let me know. (Pad)

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