Minutes of the March 10th 2002 FMCC Meeting


PRESENT                 Apologies    

R CRISP                     J EDWARDS



D BROWN                A. CRICKMORE

K ZETTER                 P.ROWLEY


Hill Walking

The meeting started with Ian handing out a very comprehensive activity report of the hill walking activity complete with photos. This was a very well written and accurate report of the previous weekend. It was agreed that this had been another successful activity, thanks to Neil for organising & John for supplying the GPS, which was a great aid in getting to the pub on time. Neil’s petrol money is £20 a head, Paddy to let us know his costs at the next meeting.

Fines – it was felt that one member (Paddy) should be heavily fined for persistently, despite constant warnings, wandering off at will from the rest of the party. At one stage this forced the other members to take refuge in a local hostelry to discuss where he had disappeared to, as the rest of the group may have liked to have gone as well instead of drinking ale in front of a log fire in comfy leather chairs and having to catch the ferry boat home.

Cycling in the New Forest 18/5/02.

John will send out details. Start tuning up your bikes, greasing your saddles and strengthening your flanges. This looks like being a tough activity (we have to camp), with the added danger of wild forest type animals waiting to attack any unsuspecting fatman who ventures off the path (Pad take note).

Sailing 13/7/02

The captain is checking his diary for availability. It was agreed that if possible an overnight stop in Cowes would be nice.(we could visit all the boaty shops and buy captains hats for the journey home).


This is in hand with Alan (who you may remember produced a fantastic catalogue with everything you could ever want but unfortunately not from the company that we deal with) a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation is required for the next meeting.

7. NYE Party.

Next meeting discuss what we all want to do. If we booked a large house (e.g. in the peak District or similar type area) who would go? (consult wife, children etc.). how long for? All members to look for suitable accommodation (internet etc) that are available over New Year, costs etc. Any other suggestions.

Family Camp 22/6/02

Suggested venues: –

Cotswold (Boughton–on–the–Water).

New Forest – (Bournmouth)

Other suggestions at the next meeting, who would go?

Next Meeting Sunday 7/04/02 8:30pm

Activity Diary Dates:-

Cycling – New Forest (John) 18/5/02

Family Camp 22/6/02

Sailing – Solent (Neil) 13/7/02

White Water Rafting (Dave) 5/10/02

If anyone is unable to attend any of the above it would be useful to let the organiser know as soon as possible.


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