Minutes of the Meeting of the FMCC

                                               March 8th 2004


Present                                                    Appologies

                                                                                             P ROWLEY

N LATTIMER                                                                      J. EDWARDS    

I NARRACOTT                                                                   D BROWN        



K.ZETTER                                                                        Having A Gap Year           



Multi-Activity , North Tawton, Devon - 12th March.

Clay pigeon shooting, horse riding and accommodation at local pub have all been arranged and confirmed by the Devon contingent of the FMCC (Brian).  Neil Kembery will be joining us from Australia. Attendees - Dave, Brian, Richard, John, Neil L, Neil K, Ian, Paddy and Keith. Early and Late transport arrangements to be confirmed.

Canoeing, 15th May

No positive response yet on availability of Canadian canoes for those members wishing to avoid three months dieting to squeeze into kayaks.  Suggestion was put forward that canoes may be substituted by a motor launch.  Paddles could be supplied for those purists that wish to uphold the spirit of the Thames project.

Walking 17th July

Momentum is gaining for the idea of a low-level East Anglia walk incorporating an all-night beach BBQ to see the sun rise over the North Sea. 

25th Anniversary activity

The Zambia activity option proposed by No-Hopes was favoured by the majority of members present.  The 29th April 2005 was put forward as the preferred departure date (9.00pm Flight)

The Treasurer updated the meeting with respect to the savings account options.  For simplicity it was agreed that the existing FMCC account could be used but it was considered that an additional signatory should be put in place in the unlikely event of the demise of our revered treasurer.

Annual Dinner Uxbridge Golf Club 3rd April

The meal this year is to be preceded by a golfing tournament. Numbers to be confirmed at next meeting for tournament and meal.  The possibility of a tournament trophy to be discussed.

Next Meeting  28th March,  8:30pm at The Tickenham.



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