FMCC Meeting 6th March – Minutes

Venue –             Tickenham, Ickenham

Present –          Dave Brown, Keith Zetter, John Edwards, Ian Narracott, Alan Buck, Richard Crisp, Neil Lattimer.

Apologies – Paddy Rowley.

 1.    Zambia Trip 22nd  April – 2nd May

  • Fight Times confirmed as Book-in at Heathrow latest 7.00 pm Friday 22nd April – Terminal 1. Flight time is 9.15 pm. Suggestion to use Scout Bus to go to and be picked-up from Heathrow. Final pick-up route / timings to be agreed, but all agreed latest leaving time from Ruislip should be 5.30 pm.
  • Return to Heathrow terminal 1; is Monday 2nd May @ 7.30 am.
  • Flight stop over will be at Johannesburg but exit from terminal will not be possible.
  • All to ensure Jabs are in place by next meeting.
  • Chris Hopes suggested a daily helping of Marmite for 30 days prior to departure to deter mosquito bites.
  • Chris Hopes suggested underarm deodorant is not used as this attracts mosquito’s, and all personal and clothing spray that has a minimum of 30% DEET in it.
  • Personal Insurance to be concluded at next meeting. Class of Rapids confirmed as 5.
  • Chris Hopes has confirmed that most activities are payable using Card at Hotel and suggests £ 300.00 - £ 400.00 in Dollars is all the cash required.
  • No special clothes or footwear required except - Spiked Golf shoes will be required by all participating.
  • Temperature is likely to be 30 – 35 Degrees Centigrade and 10-15 Degrees at night / in the evening.
  • Personal clothes / items suggested as:- Hat (essential), long loose trousers, swimming shorts, Jumpers for evenings, personal water container, long sleeve tea shirts, Iodine water purification tablets, day-sack + suitcase or rucksack, scotch for Chris, Multiway socket for such items as phone chargers etc, casual clothes.

2.    FMCC Clothing

·     Ian to order the Zambia top.

3.    2005 Activities

·     10th / 11th September – Cycling in New Forest (Alan Buck) – Alan to Book Holland’s Wood Campsite.

·     3rd / 4th December – Barging (Neil Lattimer) – Neil has booked Barge from Tring to go North.

·     What about Family Camp, BBQ, Meal 16th July (venue to be determined), other.

 4.    AOB - None

 Next Meeting 3rd April @  Tickenham – 8.30pm

Extraordinary Meeting 13th April @ 8.00 pm with Curry afterwards (any excuse).


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