Minutes of the Meeting of the FMCC

                                               April / May 2004

Dear Pad

 You certainly seem to be receiving some flack from certain quarters. For what its worth I think that you are doing a good job in communicating to the membership.  Certain members clearly do not appreciate decisive leadership!

 I can quite categorically say that I do not mind where I drink so long as the beer is good, the scenery stimulating and the company amenable.  If the Coach and Horses has thrown off its mantle of mediocrity then I am not ad versed to partake of a beer at that establishment. 

 I shall be at the meeting on Sunday and will go on for a curry.  I am very much looking forward to the hearing of the delights that Zambia has to offer from our esteemed African member.

 You will have heard from Brian that the Oyster Catcher is available for 2 / 3 October. I trust that we can reach a decision on Sunday as to whether the Polzeath venue is acceptable.  If so I will make a booking.

 Matters discussed at the last meeting have been further aired through various emails over the past couple of weeks.  The lack of a pen and paper meant that proceedings were committed to memory at the time but the main items discussed were as follows:


  1. The FMCC 25th anniversary trip to Zambia was approved by the majority but the question of dates was not resolved.  The original date proposed by Keith (29th April) was apparently not suitable for John and Pad dy.  Dates to be decided by next meeting. Chris Hopes will be making his presentation at the next meeting as he will be in the country.  Mr Buck to provide details of FMCC Zambia Trip account into which members can make deposits
  2. The Canoe trip originally planned for 15th May had been put back due to the fact that both organizers were unable to attend that week-end.  It was proposed that the Thames canoe trip would either replace the Walking event on 17th July (subject to Neil finding suitable fat men canoes for that week-end) or it would be rearranged for the first week-end in September (4 / 5th)
  3. The nature of the walking activity would be determined by the date.  The question of a high or low level activity has not been decided but the intention of seeing the sun rise over beer and Bar B Q on the beach or a hot mug of Cocoa up a mountain would clearly be a better proposition in July than September.
  4. Next meeting 6th June 2004




Next Meeting  6th June,  8:00pm at The Coach & Horses.



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