FMCC MINUTES 27th October 2002



Present                                                                           Appols


John                                                               Keith Bossing in Wembley








Item one NYE Party

 It was agreed anything would be better than nothing so this year even children will be invited. We will book Billy the Clown who does interesting things with balloons and then make ourselves sick with Jelly, cake, ice cream and lots and lots of pop so there!

Item two Fat fireworks

 More of an immediate occasion. This will be hosted by our chairman Mr Lattimer and be held on Saturday the 9th of November at 6.30pm sharp (we have to get up for Sunday school next day) Please bring Squibs, Meat for incinerating, beers and any children you wish to throw on the bonfire.

 Item Three Clothing

Due to the Sterling effort of Mr Buck (who suffered a long period of abuse and character assassination, yet still, without flinching, or wavering from his quest managed to obtain the first items of apparel the club had seen for many a year) we have again clothing with club logo! I thought I detected a tear in some memberís eyes as they gazed on the elegant and distinguished polo shirts supplied. Was it the emotion of an unquenched desire finally fulfilled or the £17.00 they had to stump up to purchase one?

 Now the supply line has once again been established we may choose any personalised item from the extensive catalogue. I look forward to the usual lively debate on the next bulk purchase order.

  Item Four Any other business.

 1/ John has invalidated the directory yet again with a new work number

 08705 565656

 2/ The annual activity meeting will take place at the hut on the 5th of January 2003. This will be complemented by a takeaway curry and the odd beer or two.

 3/ The Chairman somewhat disgruntled that Mr Buck had avoided his fine decided to fine Mr Crickmore for leaving early and more importantly lowering his fat content! This to be discussed by the disciplinary committee.





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