last meeting : Last Month  All present except for those who weren't there.
next meeting : Sunday  Beer and Curry
The lads went down the River Wye and had a good time Paddy and Neal mutinied leaving poor Mr Naracott a drift in an open boat through trechourous rapids.
Rafting: thanks to Dave for organising a superb day and Ian for supplying picturers if you couldn't view them I suggest a 1mb Blueyonder connection.
The day was enhanced by having fat Bri in the boat which meant in sat a lot lower in the water than normal.
Cycling: Lovely day cycling around or pushing the bike around the Bedgellet forest in glorious sunshine, we had to stop at the pub for a beer as Keith was getting stressed at seeing the top of Snowdon in case Mad Narras or Poncho decided to suggest a quick stroll to the top.
The fatometer was in attendance and several members had increaased their fat content, being very true to the aims of the club.
Clothing: Alan is bringing clothing please bring money to swap for clothing !!!
John to provide a battery charger update
That's it

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