Minutes of the October 5th 2003

                                        Meeting of the



Present                                                   Absent

P ROWLEY                                                                                    A.BUCK

N LATTIMER                                                                                R CRISP   


D BROWN                                                                                     LOST

J EDWARDS                                                                                A.CRICKMORE

K ZETTER                                                                                      


Barge Trip  8-11th November.

Any member who has a GPS is advised to bring it to assist in the difficult task of navigating the Grand Union. This activity is not suitable for anyone suffering blackouts at high speed. The boat is moored by the Koy Carp, it is the one that has been specially adapted to accommodate fatmen. It has a big rail at the back for  beer mugs, a deck that raises and lowers for drunken fatmen, larger beds to accommodate drunken fatmen and has generally more space for drunken fatmen to stagger about in. There is a cunning plan to have an early car which will arrive at the boat at 4:00pm on Friday and move it up to Tescos at Rickmansworth where supplies of Gin etc.can be purchased and loaded easily on board up to the level of the plimsoll line. The gin will supplement the bladder of Rebellion that will have been purchased previously. After the excitement of Friday night shopping at Tesco a Taxi will arrive to take us to a pub (we will have drunk most of the gin by then) where no expense has been spared or spent on the décor for many a century and a collection mug is passed round every so often to help save fallen women. Very thoughtfully the landlord has a fallen women in the pub so you can see where your donation is going. From there we will find a Chinese or Indian (Resturant not woman). Final details will be decided at the next meeting.

NYE Party

 Still to be decided. Likely numbers to be discussed at the next meeting.

 25th Anniversary

Ideas Walking up Kilimanjaro, Sking, Victoria Falls. Discussion will be ongoing for the next few meetings.

100th Activity

An idea was put forward to do Swildons, put up bunting and set up a bar at sump one. Another idea was to do the Masters Hike. The beer was now seriously affecting some members.

Next Meeting Sunday 2/11/03  8:30pm at The Tickenham.

 Keith Apologises in advance for absence.



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