Present:            Ian, Neil, John, Keith, Alan, Paddy, Dave and Neal K


  Our Australian branch member, Neal Kembery, once again attended our meeting.  It was remarked that he had attended more meetings over the past 12 months than some of our local members.  As always it was good to see him.  If he could give us an itinerary of his movements we could probably arrange for him to attend all the 2003 activities!


White? water rafting

  Dave Brown confirmed that arrangements were in place for the rafting activity at Lake Bala on 5th October.  Neil has booked the cottage in Beddgelert as a base for additional activities.  John to investigate mountain biking.  Mountain walking is also an option. Participants to be prepared for ‘multi-activity’.

  Brian Crisp and son, Ian are to join us and possibility of a second raft or splitting-up numbers on separate runs to be considered.  David confirm that it was expensive to hire another raft unless there were adequate numbers to fill it.

  Concern was expressed over the present low rainfall and the likelihood of water release from the lake on the week-end in question.  Water conditions to be investigated immediately prior to the trip.

  Alan Buck volunteered as catering manager (breakfast, beers etc,)

  Ross-on-Wye 30 year reunion - 21st/22nd September

  Ian, Neil, Paddy (and possibly John) to meet up with Ian Thomson, Nigel Dancer, Brain and Rose Crisp and Alan and Kim Hicks at Ross-on-Wye for the 30th anniversary of ‘canoeists reason Wye’.  Those youthful Venture Scouts will once more meet up with the Ross crumpet 30 years on. Twiggy is bringing a friend and her brother Nigel is expected to come along.

  Canoeing to be arranged by Ian.  Suggestions for other activities welcome.  Arrangements for accommodation etc. to be confirmed by Ian nearer the date.  


To some amazement Alan produced a beautiful P & M colour brochure which displayed an overwhelming choice of clothing products and styles.  In order that there was no further delay in obtaining corporate clothing it was decided that Alan should order 10 bottle green polo shirts with gold logo immediately in time for the rafting event.  The particular shirt style was chosen and sizes confirmed. Further items would be decided on at the Wales trip,  Alan to bring the brochure.

  New Years Eve Party?

  The Wales activity week-end is to provide the venue for the NYE think tank.  A decision regarding the 2002 New Years Eve celebrations is to be thrashed out at this week-end.


  Neil invited members and families to Fireworks and Bar-B-Q evening at Lowndes Avenue on 9th November.  Revellers to bring fireworks, food and refreshments. Neil to confirm arrangements.


  Alan Buck can now be contacted on mobile telephone number 07957 521653.

  Next Meeting

  8.30pm Sunday 29th September at Tickenham Inn followed by curry at Ruislip Tandoori at 10.00pm.


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