FMCC Minutes 12/09/04


Present - all 8 paid up members were in attendance

 1. The meeting eventually started at the Titchenham  when the refugees from the Coach quiz night arrived and found Mr Buck resting before tackling the last arduous part of the journey.

 2. Surfing. Lots of people going including ex-members, past members, prospective members and remembers. Mr Zetter, however will be in Spain and Mr Buck is in the hands of his knee. Three cars assigned leaving at 2.00pm Friday the 1st.

 3. 9.30 Beer break.

 4. Annual BBQ Sunday the 19th at Mr Rowleys 4.00pm for games, 6.00pm for food. In Keeping with tradition this event did not take place.

 5. NYE deferred to a possible extraordinary meeting.

 6. Zambia Mr Rowley will e-mail a list of chosen activities to Mr Hopes.

 7. First activity of 2005 - Members to check availability on 15/16th Jan

22/23 Jan 19/20th February. Walking seemed to be the popular choice.

 A.O.B. I have a scrawled note which looks like ‘Cycle Mosel’. I haven’t a clue what this was about. Any one?

 Next Meeting 10/10/04 at the Titch 

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